Top 10 best affiliate networks in Denmark

Last update on 23/07/2023 by Steffen Fonvig

Affiliate marketing is a recognized marketing strategy for businesses and a popular income source for influencers, bloggers, and marketing specialists worldwide, including Denmark. To enter the Danish affiliate market successfully, you must first find the right partners, which are the largest affiliate networks in Denmark.

As the founder of Fonvig Group, generating primary income through affiliate marketing in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark), I possess expertise in the field of affiliate marketing in Denmark. Thus, this post focuses on the best affiliate partners in the Danish industry.

Top 10 best danish affiliate networks

Find the 10 best danish affiliate networks here.

1. Adservice

Adservice is a Nordic affiliate network with thousands of affiliate advertisers from Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and, last but not least, Denmark. Denmark is one of the primary geographic areas where Adservice operates, given its Scandinavian origins.

Having collaborated closely with Adservice for many years, I have gained extensive experience with this affiliate network, particularly concerning affiliate marketing in Denmark. Therefore, I highly recommend this network for anyone looking to venture into affiliate marketing in Denmark.

2. Partner-ads

Partner-ads is

What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a platform connecting advertisers and affiliates, managed by a third-party company. Its purpose is to assist both advertisers and affiliates in achieving mutual success. In Denmark, the most popular affiliate networks are Partner-ads, Adservice, and Adtraction, offering campaigns both domestically and internationally.

An affiliate program refers to the campaigns advertisers post on the network for affiliates. It outlines the terms and conditions for affiliates and specifies the payout per generated conversion.

How an affiliate network works

In the vast landscape of digital marketing, affiliate marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy for businesses to expand their reach and boost revenue. At the core of this marketing model lies the concept of affiliate networks – platforms that facilitate seamless collaboration between advertisers and affiliates. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the inner workings of affiliate networks, the roles of advertisers and affiliates, and the key benefits of this symbiotic partnership.

Understanding Affiliate Networks:

An affiliate network serves as a mediator, connecting two essential parties in the affiliate marketing ecosystem – advertisers (also known as merchants) and affiliates (publishers or partners). These networks operate as intermediaries, providing a common platform for businesses and content creators to come together.

The Role of Advertisers:

Advertisers are the driving force behind affiliate networks. They are businesses seeking to promote their products or services through an expansive network of affiliates. To achieve their marketing goals, advertisers design affiliate programs with attractive commission structures, creative assets, and clear conversion metrics.

The Role of Affiliates:

On the other side of the equation, affiliates join affiliate networks to monetize their digital assets, such as websites, blogs, social media channels, or email lists. Affiliates promote the advertiser’s products or services using unique affiliate links provided by the network. When a user clicks on an affiliate link and completes a desired action (e.g., making a purchase or signing up for a service), the affiliate earns a commission.

How the Process Works:

Registration: Affiliates sign up for the affiliate network of their choice, providing relevant information about their promotional channels and payment preferences.

Selecting Affiliate Programs: Once approved, affiliates browse through a diverse range of available affiliate programs offered by advertisers. They choose programs that align with their niche and target audience.

Promoting Products/Services: Affiliates employ various marketing techniques to promote the advertiser’s offerings. This may include creating product reviews, publishing engaging content, running social media campaigns, or leveraging email marketing.

iTracking and Reporting: Affiliate networks utilize advanced tracking technology to monitor clicks, conversions, and sales generated by each affiliate link. Real-time reporting enables affiliates and advertisers to assess campaign performance accurately.

Commission Payouts: Based on the pre-defined commission structure, affiliates receive their earnings from the network. Payout frequency varies across different networks, ranging from weekly to monthly.

Benefits of Affiliate Networks:

  • Expanded Reach: Advertisers gain access to a vast network of affiliates, enabling them to tap into new markets and audiences they might not have reached otherwise.
  • Performance-Based Marketing: Advertisers only pay affiliates when desired actions are completed, ensuring a cost-effective marketing approach.
  • Diverse Marketing Channels: Affiliates use their creativity and diverse promotional channels to showcase products or services, increasing the chances of reaching potential customers.
  • Transparency and Analytics: Affiliate networks offer transparent tracking and reporting, allowing advertisers and affiliates to analyze their campaigns’ effectiveness and make data-driven decisions.