For the last decade, Fonvig Group has collaborated with a diverse range of clients across various industries. Our expertise spans from on-page SEO and WordPress development to conversion optimization and data collection.

While we diligently work on our own branded products, we also extend our services to assist Danish and Norwegian companies in enhancing their online visibility.

On this page, you will discover insights into some of our present and past clients, whom we’ve successfully aided in achieving improved online visibility.

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Current and former clients

What our clients say about us


Cuong Do Dai, Flow Digital

“Has both collaborated with and received help from Steffen with SEO-related work for the past six months; and the work he has done has been invaluable. Steffen has an enormous work capacity; as evidenced by the lengths he goes to to get the job done. He works with both integrity and efficiency; and it has thus been a pleasure to work with him.”

Anders Fogh, Startup Central

“A place that really provides value! Steffen has helped me a lot with a deeper understanding of SEO but also a value for how we can increase our pull traffic with new SEO methods. I can only recommend Fonvig to everyone!”

Necklas Jensen, Smilbart

“Back in 2017, I started my collaboration with Steffen, who from the start has managed to deliver really good and satisfactory results. Overall, I am still, to this day, very satisfied with Steffen’s commitment and the results he creates for my webshops.”